Safety, alcohol policy & house rules

Emmes Retreat is a different meeting and recreation place.

We ask you to consider that this terrain is rocky and uneven, the paths can be slippery by rain or snow, stairs to the tree houses are steep. There are also fireplaces which guests have to take care of in some cottages.

All this along with alcohol is not the best combination. This is the reason why we have not obtained permission to serve alcohol. Alcohol and drugs don ́t either fit together with yoga, meditation and the nature expierinces we want to offer our guests.

During closed occasions you can still have your own wine or beer in small quantities. We wish your stay at Emmes Retreat should be as safe and enjoyable as possible. To avoid accidents, we hope that alcohol consumption is kept at a safe level.

We also want to remind you that own leisure insurance is recommended.

Thank you for your understanding!


To consider:

  • Smoking is not allowed in any of the buildings. If you smoke, please, dont discarde them into nature. Cigarette filters are made of a plastic and if you toss them into nature, you dump not only that plastic, but also the nicotine, heavy metals, and many other chemicals into the surrounding environment.
  • Although we love animals, we do not allow our guests to bring their own animals during their stay at our place. 
  • Our dog Nando lives with us at Emmes Retreat and moves freely in the yard and in the main building.
  • The sauna, showers and barbecue facilities are also available to other guests
  • In The tree houses you have only cold water
  • The sauna, showers and barbecue facilities are also available to other guests
  • The tree houses are attached to pine trees, which are moving in the wind. Therefore you can sometimes hear crackling sounds. This is nothing to worry about. If the wind is so severe that there is a risk of staying in the cabins, guests are informed of this.


The cancellation of a reservation:

If you cancel your reservation less than 5 days before arrival or fail to arrive, the cancellation fee is 100%.