The Yoga Pavilion Ananta

Ananta is our yoga-shala, built up between pine trees and connected to trees and supported by stones. Around Ananta there are, in addition to trees, blueberries and wild rosmary, lots of large stones, most covered with beautiful green moss. Here in our fairytale forest, small trolls, grey dwarfs and other small beings probably are hiding under the stones. Believe it if you want!

Anyway, the energies here are very strong and soothing. A real power house! Ananta is still not only used for yoga. Here we can have Pilates and similar exercises, meditation sessions, lectures and group discussions, work tutorials, small music events, relaxations and sometimes just for to hang out and cozy up. Sometimes the space can serve as a treatment room. Also wedding ceremonies have been held here. As you can see, there are many possibilities. Ananta is about.50 m2, has both a fireplace and a gas heater, as well as a dry closet.

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